Month Subject
  January Eyes: Where the animal’s eyes are the main focus of the image
  February Nookie: Animals mating or courting (not eggs alone, which would be after the fact)
  March Multi-colored animal: Animal that has three or more colors, not including white or black 
  April Aquatic mammals underwater: Whale, walrus, dugong, manatee, pinniped, sea otter and polar bear (does not include humans)
  May Hiding in the sand: Animals that are living, hiding, or burrowing in the sand
  June Backlighting: Subject this is lit from the back with a dive or video light, or a strobe, but not using the sun
  July Makes me smile:  An image that is fun, or funny, or puts a smile on your face
  August Action: Things in Motion: An image which depicts obvious action
  September Back to school: Schooling fish
  October Decorator crabs: Decorator crabs are of several different species, belonging to the superfamily Majoidea (not all of which are decorators), that use materials or other animals from their environment to cover their carapace for camouflage.
  November Triangular composition
  December Awards banquet