1. This competition is open to OCUPS Members ONLY.

2. Up to three entries are accepted per person for stills and two for video. Members may enter in both the video and the still competition each month. The entry fee is $2 per submission, or $5 for three submissions maximum.

3. Enthusiast, Master, and Expert categories are open to still images. Frames from video are not accepted.

4. Digital Submission Guidelines:

Please name your files in the following format: category abbreviation, a dash, first name initial, last name, image number.

For example: if your name is Babe Nemo and you are submitting three photos in the Master category the file names should be: MAS-BNemo1, MAS-BNemo2, and MAS-BNemo3. 

Category Abbreviation Key:  Enthusiast = ENT; Master= MAS; Expert= EXP

File Format & Size: Please use JPG sized at 1920 x 1080 (or 1920 maximum, on the longest side) at 72 pixels/inch.

Submission Deadline: Photos should be submitted no later than Friday evening prior to the club meeting. The Club is not responsible if the digital images will not project. Email your contest images to   OCUPS1@gmail.com

5. Only global (full-frame) modification of images is allowed for the Enthusiast category. Global modifications are those that affect the entire image, such as cropping, saturation, white balance, levels, sharpening, and contrast. Prohibited modifications include the use of layers or tools that are applied to specific areas such as brushes, healing, cloning, masking, etc.

6. In the event of a challenge, the original image file or slide must be made available to the Club officers at the next meeting.

7. The entrant must have captured all images underwater, unless the contest category is specified as being "topside". Aquarium, pool and tank shots are not permitted.

8. No entry or copy of image that has previously won in the past three years in an OCUPS competition may be re-entered in a subsequent contest.

9. The contest theme or subject must be the focal point of the image.

10. The Contest Director may disqualify any entry for rule stretching, marine conservation issues, or out of theme or level entries.

11. Video Contest Rules:

  1. Videos can be up to 30 seconds, unedited, continuous clip. As with stills, global changes are allowed.
    b. Category will be the same as the still contest for the month. Everyone will compete at the same skill level.
    c. Videos may be taken on a video camera or with the video function of a digital still camera. A series of still shots is not permitted.
    d. Up to two entries per month, per person.
    e. Video file naming: VID_JSmith_01.mov
    f. Do not email video files, as they are too large. Video clips can be submitted via http://wetransfer.comto ocups1@gmail.com. Please use 1080p format or just select the Vimeo/YouTube 1080p preset format.

12. Permission to reproduce any entry for purposes of OCUPS publicity is assumed, unless otherwise specified. All ownership and rights remain with the photographer.

13. Attendance is Required: Entrants must be present at the meeting to participate in the photo contest. However, if you leave prior to the contest conclusion you my still participate, as long as you were present sometime during the meeting. If you do not plan on attending the meeting please do not enter photos.

New exception to attendance rule for 2022: Participation in the contest is allowed even if you are not able to attend the meeting in person or via Zoom for up to two months with notification in advance to the contest coordinators.