OCUPS Members Images For The SCUBA Show


Hello OCUPS Members,

The Scuba Show is fastly approaching and we need your images and videos!

SCUBA Show Print Submission Requirements 2022

  • Two images per person – There is no guarantee they will be printed     
  • Crop to 12 x 16before sending – If you do not crop to this size we will crop it or not print it.  Your image may not be this size out of the camera so you will have to resize it. 
  • 360 DPI (4320 pixels x 5760 pixels) or largest your camera can do.  It must be large enough to be printed for that size print.
  • Jpeg format
  • No watermark
  • Email your 2 images to OCUPS1@gmail.com
  • Deadline for entries is April 8 but sooner is better


  • The mat will be black with a 2 inch margin 
  • Do not crop the image too much or the image quality may not be large enough to print.  
  • Overly contrasted images do not seem to print well. 
  • Do not crop subjects too close to the edge of the frame. 
  • The person printing has the authority to change an image if not in the format requested or for the printer characteristics.  

SCUBA Show Video Submission Requirements 2022

As in the past we will have a TV monitor in the booth to show club member videos.

  • Videos should be edited and of a reasonable length (more than 10 secs, less than 10 mins)
  • Please use 1080p format or just select the Vimeo/YouTube 1080 preset format
  • Submissions should be sent to c2cdiver1@gmail.com or OCUPS1@gmail.comvia http://wetransfer.com 
  • Send as many videos as you like
  • Deadline for submission is May 1

We need to fill the display so we need your images. Pick your favorite/best and send it as soon as you can. 

Thanks everyone!! Looking forward to a great display this year.