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John and I met in 1994 in Palau, on the dayboat Splash. Since he and I were the only photographers on the boat (!), the dive master paired us up. He knew we would be the slowest! We shot at everything that moved with our Nikonos Vs and had dinner afterwards, then dinner again months later in Los Angeles to compare our photographs. And we’ve been diving and shooting together ever since.

The Nikonos is gone, but not forgotten. I’m shooting a Nikon D850 now in a Nauticam housing, and John has gone video, with a Canon cam-corder and Light and Motion housing. We’ve retired since those earlier days, and try to make as many dive trips as we can. Every time we think we’re running out of new places to see, we find somewhere brand new to visit and photograph. It’s a big world and we want to see it all!