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Brook Peterson is a relatively new member to OCUPS, but by her photos you might think she's been doing underwater photography her entire life. Not only does she share her images at the OCUPS meetings, but she enthusiastically helps other aspiring shooters by posting "how-to" video clips on her blog at waterdogphotographyblog.com. Brook is a Sea&Sea Alpha helping to promote Sea&Sea underwater equipment. Her work and articles have been published in several magazines including California Diving, Scuba Diver Australasia, Dive Photo Guide and Underwater Photography Guide, as well as in advertisements for Sea&Sea Underwater Housings. She has traveled to Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, and throughout the Caribbean to obtain her images, but she spends the majority of her diving time in the unique and beautiful waters off the coast of California. You can see Brook's photos at http://waterdogphotography.com.