Month Subject
  January Sea Shells: The shell of mollusks must be the main subject, can be a critter in a shell or just the shell by itself, but again the shell must be the focus.
  February Orange: Any subject with the color orange as the predominant/main color.
  March Man-made: Any subject, underwater, that is man-made – wreck, pier structure, oil rigs, discarded objects (ie, tires, toilet, etc.). The main subject IS the man-made object, not a fish around or within the object.
  April Lobster: Subject must be a lobster(s)
  May  Patterns: An abstract image using patterns as the subject.
  June Silhouette: The subject would be backlit, so as to be solid black. Usually an ambient shot, but could be created with a torch/strobe to backlight the subject. The subject would NOT be lit.
  July Bubbles: The subject must be about bubbles - O-rings, exhaust bubbles, bubbles on something
  August Turtle: Subject must be a turtle(s)
  September Slow shutter speed: A subject shot with a slow shutter speed, showing the effect of motion (ie. blurred)
Video category: Slow-motion video
  October Predation/Predators: Subject must be a predator and or showing predation.
  November Reflections: The subject may be the reflection itself and or the subject and its reflection.
  December Awards banquet